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Starting your own business

Starting your own business

Is a big step and sometimes there is ambiguity in how to follow the right steps that will lead to successful start up. We noticed that to qualify for any small business grant/loan, the owner had to have certain qualifications like a certain amount of sales or be in business for a particular amount of time. Also banks are nervous to lend to a small business because most of them are expected to fail in two years. It was tough to find help for someone who is literally just getting started.

We came up with the Caribbean Heritage Business Grant to provide financial help and guidance to an owner in the U.S. who is serious and actively working on their business development.

The process is simple:

  1. Pay the $10 application fee using the Shop tab.

  2. Fill out the form below. 

  3. ​Email your business plan. (Don't have one? We can help)

  4. The winners will be announced at our June event for                Caribbean American Heritage Month (must be present to win).

  5. Applicants must abide by the rules signed in the contract          and use the money in 30 days for LLC applications only. 

(No application form will be accepted without payment application fee made to CWE) 
(Special consideration will be given to past Expo and Caribbean Craft Market vendors)
Business Grant Application

Thank you for your application

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